Friday, 18 February 2011

Behind the scenes at WIC...

Each week we shall be profiling one of the lovely peeps here at Wine in Cornwall, so you can get to know us all a bit better and be a bit nosy.

First up this week is Mike Maguire, one of the directors here.....

I came to be at WIC…..because I did not fancy setting up a new food business when we sold Trengilly Wartha, and the new challenge was more attractive.
My normal day/week is.....walk to work if it is dry and I don’t need the car in the day. Walk home for lunch. Great to get a change of scenery and I can trawl the fridge for leftovers! In between walks and meals I am pretty busy on the retail side of the business and working on our new web site.
My favourite tipple! Always has been and always will be! I like lighter (3.8 – 4.2 ABV) real ales, not too hoppy. On the wine front I tend towards reds and like Southern Italians like Primitivo, Salice Salentino etc..
I grew up.....on the north of Glasgow with views of Ben Lomond and the Campsie Fells from my window. That’s why I like living in the Falmouth Penryn area. You can always see the countryside and the sea and it takes minutes to be in either.
When I was a child I wanted to be.......a lawyer, like my Dad, but realised when I did not do any work at school that I would never make the grades for that, so sort of fell into hotel management as an extension of my school holiday & weekend work in a local hotel / restaurant.
Mike hard at work at his desk
I drive a....Jaguar X-Type Estate. Comfortable, safe and sporty enough to enjoy the ride. I bought it outright second-hand when we sold the hotel, so it has to last me another 6 years! Just need to stop clipping kerbs with the alloy wheels.
The last concert I went to was.....a recital by a soprano friend who was brave enough to put on a concert to raise money for a favoured charity. She sang very well, despite her nerves and the whole evening was a great success.
The last book I read/I’m currently reading.....Open Door by Ian Rankin. I have just finished reading the last in the Rebus series,which I could not put down and this one, a thriller set in Edinburgh, like the Rebus stories, was in my hand half an hour after finishing the Rebus one! I love working my way round my mental map of Edinburgh
I’m looking forward to.....the start of the sailing season, but not the work involved in getting the boat ready!

Come back next week and you'll get to meet our Wild West sales rep Mister Bray!

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