Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Years Resolutions...

..did you have any? Have they gone out the window now or is your willpower proving resilient? A few groaning belts and 'I will never overindulge on mince pies again' could be heard at the start of the year in the office but otherwise everybody seems to be quite fresh faced.

It was a positive end to 2010 with the experiment of a wine grotto in the warehouse proving a success.

For the run up to the festive period we had a bit of a tidy up in the warehouse and opened it up as part of the retail shop space, offering more party wines and lots of offers that you don't normally see in the shop.

It went down well with all our regular customers and combined with an advert in the local press pulled in lots of new faces. So much so that we are now thinking of keeping this space as part of the shop with regular offers, promotions & tastings happening across the year.
If you haven't been in yet, pop up and see us, we would love to see you. Let us know your feedback on the new grotto space.

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