Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tipple of the Month

There are some nice parts to chilly wintry days; the sunsets as you drive down to Penzance of an evening have been absolutely stunning of late. Immense pink skies that almost take your breath away, a really good pick-me-up to the end of any bad day.

To also help with those winter blues, we suggest a roaring fire combined with a good glass of red. Currently tasting very good is the El Primero Graciano.

Graciano is one of the minor grapes of Rioja. Minor is a bit misleading since all great blended wines such Claret, Champagne and many Super Tuscans rely on them to provide structure, colour, texture or complexity to the main players like Tempranillo, Cabernet, etc.

This 100% Graciano from Navarra is blood rich and dripping with deep black, smoky fruit over layers of ripe tannins. Perfect with roast lamb or any game dishes.

Currently in the shop at £7.00 a bottle or a case of 12 for £79.75.

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