Thursday, 24 February 2011

Expo here we come….

Next week sees the annual Wine in Cornwall Sales team outing and them heading North, (past Truro!) to the Royal Cornwall show ground for Expo West. Why, as retail customers would you be interested in a trade show? I hear you ask! Well its time to get pro-active and ensure you can get all your favourite Wine in Cornwall wines when you are out and about this summer. We supply wine countywide from the wild west to the windy north, so get down to your favourite hangouts this weekend and demand they search out quality wines for their pub, club, hotel or restaurant.

All of our top sales people will be on hand (shirts will be pressed this weekend) and we have a shiny new black & pink banner this year so you can't miss us. We will be at Expo, everyday next week, from 10am starting on Tuesday March 1st until Thursday the 3rd.

In the trade yourself, pop along for a friendly chat and try some of our exciting new wines for the summer season. Make a difference to Wine in Cornwall, demand quality Wine in Cornwall Wine!

Next week we will report back on what went down well, any nice food we tried and where you might find us this summer.

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