Monday, 14 March 2011

Tapas at Culdrose

Really successful evening at RNAS Culdrose last Thursday night– the old Maguire Logan partnership on fine form – old grumpy knickers in the kitchen, cheerful Ginger out front. Just like the old days!

An interesting reaction to the wines as well. The oh-so-supple Rioja Urgoiti Crianza went down a storm (again!) while the Casar de Burbia Mencia in some ways a more interesting and complex wine got only polite applause. As for the “sherries” (not allowed to use that word at tastings) they couldn’t really get their heads around the cut crystal La Gitana Manzanilla whereas, surprise –surprise, the Triana Pedro Jimenez with the ice cream was really lapped up.

The aromatic, russet apple tinged Alma Godello was also well received.

Old Grumpy Knickers here! After a day of toil in various kitchens we pitched up at Culdrose at 18.00 with all the food in various states of preparation to be finished off in a very makeshift kitchen behind the Ward Room. Young Sam Harding did a fantastic job as my assistant and kept the grumpy bit very much at bay! It all went really well and the food was much commented on. My favourite dish of the night was a simple concoction of chick peas, black pudding, onion, pine nuts and sultanas. Oh, and minted lamb meatballs......scrummy!Let me know if you want the recipes! 

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