Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Southern Italian Beauties

Mike had a family holiday in Sorrento on the Amalfi coast at the end of July where the sun shone (on most days) and the air was full of the scents of citrus trees and herbs. What a lovely spot sat overlooking the Bay of Naples with the opposite skyline dominated by Vesuvius.
The two principal wines sold in every restaurant are the two most local grape varieties of Falanghina (white) and Aglianico (red). Still comparatively unknown in the UK, they are becoming more fashionable as customers become more adventurous and move away from their comfort zones.
We have been shipping one of each of these from the district of Beneventano, found a few miles behind Vesuvius, under the Epicuro label.
The Falanghina is fresh and clean with hints of green apple fruit and blossom and an interesting underlying mineral touch. Retail price is £7.99
The Aglianico, a late ripening grape variety, has blackberry acidity which is well tamed and deep cherry and plum fruit flavours with some minerality from the rich volcanic soils of the area. Retail price is £8.75

As a footnote we also tried wines from some notable producers in Campania namely Fuedi di San Gregorio whose Fiano di Avellino is hauntingly floral and delicate, and a  DOC Taurasi (Aglianico) from Mastroberadino which is well worth looking out for as well.

While in Sorrento we stayed in the modern Hotel Plaza right in the middle of town. No need for a car as local buses and trains do a great job around the Amalfi coast. Modern rooms, great roof terrace for daytime snacks, small infinity pool. Fantastic breakfast buffet!

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