Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Indian Summer in the Languedoc

Mike and Nigel  have just come back from two days in the Languedoc accompanied by two of our friends at the Eden Project, Andrew Holden, Purchasing Director and Julie Kendle, one of the Senior Horticulturists and fruit specialist.
We were keen to get them to see the P’tit Roubie vineyards from which the Eden wines are sourced  as well giving them a feel of the region a whole. The Azan family at P’tit Roubie gave us a warm welcome and it was fascinating to see how a large, long term organic vineyard copes with the issues of disease and pest in such a controlled and effective manner. Visits were also made to the delightful Darde family at Les Yeuses, the impeccable Domaine Valensac where the super-ripe Petit Verdot berries were almost pleading to be picked and finally to Mas D’ Auzieres a surreal, impossibly pastoral boutique winery under the Pic St Loup where all the men fell under the spell of vigneronne, Irene Tolleret - stunning wines as well!
These wineries will be represented at the Annual Wine Fair at the Maritime Museum on Thursday 24th November!
Sturdy Grenache vines at Mas d'Auzieres

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