Monday, 25 July 2011

Knowing Spirits

I don’t really do spirits – it’s a sort of no go area in my mind. With none of the constraints that nature put in place on how good a wine is and what it tastes of then I can’t really see the point.

That said I was invited by Gireau to attend a tasting at Henly’s Bar and restaurant in Helston recently and you know what?  There is glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel…. I start to get it, there’s way to go yet but you never know. Whisky is tricky as I hate the taste but their Black Stamp Scotch is really creamy and rounded, the Gireau Premium French Gin and London Calling Gin are assertive and clean however the revelation to me was the Gireau Premium French Vodka. Coaxed into trying it by head Gireau honcho, Andrew Hay, I was amazed how pure and soft  it was, I really didn’t understand before how smooth a spirit could be when splashed over the rocks and drunk neat. Mind they have to distil it four times to achieve this degree of quality.

Gireau spirits and other non- wine tipples are available at out store in Penryn.

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