Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wine Fair News

Last week we held our annual Wine Fair at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. With about 150 guests slurping, swilling and (just occasionally) spitting it was, all in all, a memorable evening. There’s a fine line to be drawn at these affairs between out and out party and serious tasting as it is a splendid opportunity for all to improve their wine knowledge and develop their palate. We do, however, seem to get it right every year and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got was certainly proof of the pudding. Oh, and we took a few nice wine orders as well – thanks everybody, buyers, sellers and staff for making it go so well. Next year’s date is 22nd November 2012, hopefully at the same venue.

Everybody at WIC had their favourites –
Julian РEpicuro Aglianico; Rex Goliath Zinfandel; Pouilly Fum̩ Michel Bailly.
Nigel – Chablis 1er Cru Montmains, Simmonet Febvre; Logan Orange Chardonnay; Riesling Grand Cru, Wunsch et Mann; Curatolo Dulce Marsala.
Mike – Santa Alicia Carmenere Reserva; Auxey Duresses 1er cru, Comte Armand; Chateau Blanville Grand Cuvee.
Jonathan – Michaud Touraine Sauvignon; Tamar Ridge Dry Riesling; Rex Goliath Zinfandel.
Dick – Lyngrove Chenin Blanc; Chablis 1er Cru Montmains, Simmonet Febvre; Paul Mas Viognier; Epicuro Aglianico; Dogpoint Sauvignon Blanc.

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