Monday, 28 February 2011

Port Navas Yacht Club Bash

A club supper at the impossibly quaint Port Navas Yacht Club on Friday the 18th gave me an ideal opportunity to combine work and pleasure as I presented some wines to go with a hearty meal.
I while away many a summer 's day at this idyllic spot pottering around on my little motor boat, so I truly was among friends. The trouble is, presenting wines to a room full of people whom one knows engenders little respectso it was a far more daunting task that initially meets the eye. Anyway it went off really well – the Jean Claude Mas Le Viognier showed very wellwhile the absolutely stunning Entre Nous Petit Verdot, from Domaine de Valensac, stole the show.
Languedoc 2 Rest of the World  0 – a familiar story.

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